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There are trailblazers and pioneers in all walks of life.  Access Aerospace works with private collectors to give everyone access to that unique piece of aerospace inventory.


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Access Aerospace markets a variety of space and aerospace services, including:

–  Launch Services for academic, semiconductor, and biotech research

–  Planning and Development for observatories and science centers

Please contact us, if you are looking for a particular service in the aerospace industry or if you represent a company that provides such services.




Vessels & Satellites

Vessels, & Satellites | This includes space planes, shuttles, space stations, capsules, satellites, cubesats, and deep-space probes.


Aircraft of all types, including experimental aircraft and rocket planes.

Instruments & Subsystems

Solar power, power tethers, RTGs, fuel cells, batteries, and generators. Likewise spacecraft communications systems (transmitters and receiving antennas).

Real Estate

Space or aerospace related real estate, including launch control facilities, ground control facilities, actual launch pads, runways, manufacturing plants, observatories, hangar homes, among others.

Aerospace Services

Launch Services & Observatory Development.  This includes any space & aerospace related businesses and supply chain manufacturers.

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