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Broadhurst Sheet Metal Works Inc. Established 1946, Call us for a quotation

Broadhurst Sheet Metal Works Inc. Established 1946, Call us for a quotation


Precision Fabricators of Custom & Complicated Metals Components and Products

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Manufacturing parts and components that are used repetatively is our strong suit. Once we create the jigs and forms to make specality parts you are best served if you order many of the same which reduces the overall costs per piece. PLease call me to discuss your needs and requirements. We are reasonalby priced compared to many other shops nationally!! For over 70+ years Broadhurst Sheet Metal Works has been fabricating precission metal parts and components across a broad spectrum of industries We offer some of the latest fabricating machinery available today including laser cutting, water jetting, Forming, Tooling, Welding, Finishing, Prototyping, We have developed extensive metal fabrication services offering our customers options with all processes. As a contract manufacturer and single source supplier, we help simplify your supply chain, delivering complete parts, weldments, and assemblies, that fullfill all your metal components fabrication needs. We require finished Cad Drawings with Specifications and Cut Sheets in order to provide you with the most accurate quotation for your project. Our firm is most competative where we produce a significant amount of the same part/parts to fullfill a clients requirements Please contact me directly to discuss your requirements: Kristopher Lill Off: 973-427-3972 Fax: 973-427-1323 sales@broadhurstindustries.com Rapid production. When we are provided with proper Cad Drawings, specifications and cutting sheets we are able to produce your components in the shortest time possible while still maintaining the quality you require Scalability order as little as a single prototype up to 5,000 production parts. Material Selection Choose from a variety of metals across a wide range of strength, conductivity, weight, and corrosion-resistance. Custom Finishes available We outsource to local specialists for finishing so you will receive a completed project when done. Rapid Turnaround We offer the latest in cutting, bending and punching, Welding, Shearing with many automated technologies Besides fabrications we assemble components to produce finished units. Other services we provide as a project may require are: Blanking, Die Cutting, Fastening, Hydroforming, Metal Punching. Milling, Roll Forming, Shrinking, Spinning, Stamping, Stretching,

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