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Goerz Hypergon 75mm Extreme Wide Angle Lens

Goerz Hypergon 75mm Extreme Wide Angle Lens


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Great lens for wide field Astrophotography with large format film cameras.

The Hypergon has for several years held a unique place among wide-angle lenses on account of its incomparable covering power.  It is a symmetrical double anastigmat, consisting of two very thin hemispherical single glasses.  Astigmatism, spherical aberration and curvature of field are completely corrected, and the definition is sharp to the very edges of the plate.  The chromatic aberration is not corrected, but is eliminated after focusing by the use of the smaller diaphragm stop, f/31. The symmetrical design of the Hypergon insures complete freedom for distortion of straight lines.  The diminution of light toward  the margin of the image, unavoidable in a lens cutting such an extraordinary angle, is corrected by an ingenious device in the form a star diaphragm, which is rotated in front of the lens, by means of a bulb and tube attachment, during the exposure. compressing a rubber air bulb and using the air to spin the star).

The Hypergon is a special lens for wide-angle interiors, landscape, architectural and panoramic pictures, and it should not be purchased with the idea that it can be sued as a lens for general photography.  It cannot be fitted to between-the-lens shutters.

One of the greatest and coolest lenses ever made, It’s the widest angle lens ever made that covers 8×10 with movements. The star fan spins with each squeeze from the air bulb, and trips easily.

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