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Cameras, Lenses, Drones, Instrument packages, scientific instruments & components, Rovers, power systems & batteries, solar arrays, RTG’s, fuel cells, communications and ground control systems, transmitters receivers, antennas, tracking software and hardware, artifacts of all types, space suits, watches, moon rocks, meteorites, photographs, drawings & documents CubeSat’s, CubeSat frames/bodies, thermal tiles, wheels & gaskets, collectables, accelerometers, attitude control devices.

Real Estate

Aviators Properties | Live where you work – work where you live! Space and aerospace related real estate, including runways, airparks, private airports, hangars, FBO’s, aviators luxury estates, fly-in communities, fly-in private retreats, aircraft services facilities, airport real estate, residential airport lots and pads, launch control facilities, ground control facilities, launch pads,  manufacturing plants, hangar homes, aviators luxury hangar homes.


Vessels & Satellites

Rockets and rocket parts & systems, Space Shuttle Parts 7 Systems, Flown in space, space planes, space stations and parts, Capsules Satellites still in orbit, Satellites still on the planet or under construction, Space Probes and lander spacecraft. Engines, fuel tanks & cells, collectables, telescopes, modules, nozzles, reentry vehicles, simulators, flight recorders, transducers, turbopumps, space repair tool sets. radios, images and videos shot in space.



Commercial, private & business aircraft, aircraft fuselages, structures, helicopters, engines, turbines, fuel tanks, wings, winglets, slats, flaps, geometry calculations, communications airborne guidance and electronics hardware, composites, wheels, undercarriage components, tires, navigation components, machined parts, avionics, cabin interiors components, seats, linings, signs, windows, insulation, bolts, screws and rivets, airpacs, air conditioning, and pressurization systems, aircraft struts, landing gear, collectables

Launch Services

Launch systems and hardware, Balloon systems, space elevators, non-rocket launch systems such as gas canons & Mag Guns, models, rockets for CubeSat launches, spent boosters, collectables, solar sails & equipment, fabrics, main engines and engines from prior missions, blueprints, manuals & books, payloads, fairings, electric propulsion engines.

Observatory Development

In partnership with, PlaneWave Instruments and Baader Planetarium we are excited to showcase our turnkey Observatory Development Program. This program will provide complete planning, design and construction of a world-class observatory, planetarium or museum at your desired location. Our services feature initial concept development; site selection and qualification & testing; municipal approvals and permitting; construction of the facilities, crane and helicopter services at mountain top locations; dome and telescope installations; control room and interior design, development and installation; interior environmental engineering; remote power generation; operational testing and verification; personnel facilities, operations and personnel training, marketing and promotions support.